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Name:HK's Icons... and stuff.
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Kameko, Emerald, Ink--Many names, one fangirl. ~HK

Hello, my name is...

Emerald L'Orange
Ink The Echidna

Pick one. XD Anyway, this is not my primary journal (for that, please go to hamatokameko. This is my icons journal, solely for the purpose of posting and displaying my LiveJournal icons, plus banners, mood themes, and whatever else I feel like making that pertains to customization of a journal.

Unless otherwise noted, all icons, banners, mood themes and other productions are available for public use, given you follow the rules:

1.) Credit is required. You can use these icons (etc.) on LiveJournal, another journal site, message boards, what-have-you--as long as you credit "HamatoKameko" or "HK". (for message boards, just be honest if someone asks who made it; you don't have to post a notice in your signature or anything.)

2.) Comment and let me know what you're snagging and where you'll be using it/them. Feedback is important--if I don't think anyone's enjoying and using these, why should I bother to make more?

3.) No Altering. This means, you can use these icons (etc) as-is, but you may not edit them in any way, unless otherwise noted in that specific post.

4.) No Hotlinking. Upload all images to your own servers (try for a good free image-hosting option). Do not just link to my server; I hate bandwidth bandits.

5.) Constructive Criticism is welcome, but don't flame me if you don't like something. I'm open to suggestions, but only ones that are presented politely.

Note: As you may have noticed, this is techically classified as a community, mostly for my own ease in working on the thing. It's a closed community, and requests to join will be denied, save for very special situations (and by invite only, so please don't pester me).

Sources: I take most of my screenshots myself, though on occasion, I have been known to use shots taken by others. I also use images from official websites ( or, for instance). Any outside sources will be noted in my posts, with the appropriate links to related LiveJournals or websites.

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